Harmonic Healings

Healing with Focused good intent, Sound and vibration to bring about peace from which true healing begins.

About Me

 I am  just a happy, joyous, funny, fun filled Mystic who uses Vibration and Sound, to heal utilizing voice and instruments, with Himalayan singing prayer bowls as the most used in my collection. Others include but are not limited to, Harp, Flute, Bells and Gourd Rattles. I am proficient in many of the other healing arts, which I use to bring about  calm and peace  to a session, such as Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Colour and Crystal energies Prayer , Water, and oh so much.

I have traveled on many an adventure, to Shrines and Sacred places during Auspicious times that I might absorb and share with others the healing that I too received. The instrument that I take with me on these journeys is a Himalayan Singing Bowl. It is a receptacle and  giver of the Healing energies of these places and events.

Harmonic Healings

Sound and vibration has been shown to calm erratic breathing ,increase concentration and focus, release stress, alleviate pain and trauma, physical and  emotional to enhance the overall healing process. This is done by washing away our fears and apprehension through emerging us into an ocean of sound, thereby allowing waves of Healing intent and vibrations to lull us to a place of peace from where True Healing may begin.

Singing bowls are healing tools which have been around for thousands of years and are shrouded in a veil of mystery. They are said to be made of a sacred, secret ,and a now lost formulae consisting of a combination of metals, gems, and healing prayers to increase their benefits.

I have been gifted with a truly wonderful bowl , that I might travel my path as a healer to any and all who might benefit from my ministrations.

I wish all well. 



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