Harmonic Healings

Healing with Focused good intent, Sound and vibration to bring about peace from which true healing begins.

 Harmonic Healings an Interfaith Healing Sound Ministry

It is our belief that with peace comes healing.

It is with some very special Singinging bowls, gongs flutes and other instruments that I lull the waking mind into a state of peace to allow the healing to take place.

I am a ritualist at heart whether that event be at a seashore, on the top of a mountain, in a church or backyard Each ritual is different, the commonality is The Singing bowl,(i have many but there is just One that I can use for every and any occasion. And please keep this in mind My singing bowl has been blessed and blesses many times over and the energy it recieves and gives, is a culmination of both.

I have been an Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church since 2001and am authorized to perform all ministerial services such as baptisms, marriages and funerals with all the privleges and considerations customarily granted a minister .