Harmonic Healings

Healing with Focused good intent, Sound and vibration to bring about peace from which true healing begins.

title My journey with Buddhism

Om Mani Peme Hung

I received 2 Himalayan Singing Prayer bowls about ten to twelve years ago,they are wonderful instruments, followed by two others a couple years later, Then I received A Thod pa ( a type of buddhist cup, after that a kangling and after that a Damaru, Great and powerful instruments of transformation.Playing these sacred instuments helped me to transform disease into peace, and these were the Chod Rites of Tantric Buddhism played out in an apartment room shrine. I  was graced with great visions and empowerments of the Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menla) once a day for three days.These blessings have helped me on my road to become a better healer.

In 2008 the powers that be saw to it that I receive the empowerment Of the Great Black Hayagriva  given by Younge Khachab Rinpoche to increase my healing potential. At this empowerment I brought My phurbas' and The Thod pa and of course The Bowl (when I mention "The Bowl", it will be the bowl which has graced me to be its companion)The Thod Pa was used during the rite of offerings, which was truly auspicious, and after the rite itself the bowl and phurbas were blessed, again all to increase healing.

 I have been to the Buddhist Maitreya (Harmonic Resonance) heart shrine relic tour twice  not just  for the blessings of myself self but for The Bowl, this blessing was given by Lama Zopa by placing the relics of the Buddha on my head and also the bowl, that we might pass on these wonderful healings..To truly relate to any the feelings of bliss received is beyond words you have to experience it to Truly Experience it. I will expound upon these and other experiences in good time.

May all resononate in peace.