Harmonic Healings

Healing with Focused good intent, Sound and vibration to bring about peace from which true healing begins.

What you can afford.

For a one on one Healing with the bowls at my home $65.00

Hospitals bedside with Harp or bowls. $100.00.

Sound therapy for couples $100.00,at my home.  

Group healing concert for up to 5 ppl $150. extra $20. per head.  We start off with a brief discussion about the bowls, followed by a demonstration of The Bowls vibration, then I will play the bowls, as you drift off to a place of peace. This may include other instruments as well, which you and I or others may play together per event.




 Prices may be subject to a traveling fee

We will officiate at many of life events, from birth, weddings graduation on and up to the crossing over and remembrance services.

Sliding scale fee available.

 I have done volunteer work with Baystate Childrens Hopital, Mercy Hospital (Ma) and The Veterans hospital in Leeds Ma.. Your purchases for items and events helps to make that possible.

Thank You!

 Prices are subject to change, traveling prices may be incurred.

 all prices are per hour.