Harmonic Healings

Healing with Focused good intent, Sound and vibration to bring about peace from which true healing begins.



 Delling joined us for our annual Cancer and Grief support group Thanksgiving dinner, at which he touched us all very deeply with the music he played. The sounds from the bowls washed over and through us instilling in us all a healing peace.

We look forward to having him play for us again. -

Sr.Madeline Joy support group facilitator. Sisters of Providence Health Care Systems

I enjoyed the healing bowls they do leave me with a feeling of peace  -   S.F

Really good connections  -     J.T

I could feel the sounds in my heart.-anonymous                                                      *

I am a C.N.A who is plaqued with daily pain due to Cogenitive Stenosis and chronic neck pain Delling took me to a place the pain killer could'nt a place of peace

Jennifer D. C.N.A

" The Healing Bowls experience often distracts our patients from their pain and anxiety. Watching them calm and relax as the healing sounds wash over them is a comforting experience for the parents and for us as daily care givers. 

Betsy Arseneau, M.A.,CCLS, Child Life Care Specialist 1. Baystate Childrens Hospital. 

"The bowls are magic but not like Harry Potter they're real magic. - Young patient at Baystate childrens hospital. 

     During a session with Delling and the singing bowls, I experienced a physical and mental relaxation as well as an emotional uplift. Nothing touches the person except the beautiful sounds and vibration of the bowls as Delling makes them sing. The effects of joy lasted for several days and are nice to recall, Delling has a gift which he is willing to share.

Betty Langlois

     Listening to the sounds of the bowls gave me a profound sense of peace and gentleness.  The vibrations bring the heavenly and the earthly so close together, it becomes hard to distinguish between the two.   Delling DeDanaan brought his bowls to our worship service, and the music was both healing and inspiring.

Rev. Cynthia Stahler
Pastor of First Congregational Church, U.C.C.
Huntington Ma 01050

   Delling played the bowls for me on 3 consecutive days. My first day the sound and vibrations made me very calm then I saw a green light  and then I awoke. The second day I could fell the bowls vibrations even more so than the day before and On the third he numbed my pain totally. I have arthritis and sciatica.   This helped!

  Brenda Pollard